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Duration:2 hours 10 minutes

Script & Music : Late Surabhi Vanarasa Ramamohan garu

Direction: Surabhi Jayachandra Varma


Chandipriya is a folk tale focusing on women’ power and the issues.

The deity stage, anger, Maharshi Bhrugu is appointed by Devathas to know who is the greatest among the trinity. After cursing brahma and Sankara he reaches Vishnu and is humiliated a lot there also. In their charming the lord vishnu and Laxm i don't observe Bhrugu's arrival. With a lot of ange r Bhrugu kicks at the heart of vishnu, the living place of Laxmi. Lord Vishnu calmly serves Bhrugu and squeezes the pecular eye under his leg. Then Bhrugu lasts has egoism and becomes a refugee of Lord Vishnu.For that event Sri laxmi gets anger with her husband and leaves Vaikunta for meditation.Vishnu lasts his sense and he reaches earth in search of Laxmi. In his Unconscious position untill grows upon him. As a common man on the earth he gets hunger. Brahma and Sankara want to feed Vishnu by disguising a cow and calf. The cow boy hits them and the axe injuries the head of Vishnu and the cow boy gets blindness.

Vakula, yashoda in her previous life, an old spinster serves him in his unconscious position and named " Srinivasa " Vishnu forget his past and elapses new life as vakula's son. After many days Srinivasa see's "Padmavathi " the daughter of King Akasaraju and fell in love with her .Vakula goes to king and asks to get marry her son and his daughter. Parvathi in disguise as an Erukalasani, makes the king to obey the marriage. Sage Suka fix the Muhurth.

After the marriage Srinivasa and Padmavathi wonder upon the hill Venkatadri. In quest of her husband Vishnu Sri Laxm comes there and quarell with Padmavathi. In that anger Sri Laxmi curses him and he converts as a statue..

Both wive s are realised their selfishness and convert as statues besides their husband. Being statues upon the hill Venkatadri he becomes well known nowadays as Sri Venkateshwara the Kaliyuga daivam with his Mahatyam. Emperor Thondaman Constructs the famous temple at Tirumala.

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