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Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Script: Late Sri R. Bhojaraju garu

Direction: Surabhi Jayachandra Varma


Thota Ramudu, a gardener’s son loves Indumathi, the princess of the kingdom Ujjayin. The king of Ujjayin rejects their love but gives an option that if Ramudu earns a lot of money, he can marry his daughter.

Nepala Manthrika, the sorcerer, to obtain evil powers needed a good natured and bold young man to sacrifice to the evil spirits. The sorcerer finds out about Thota Ramudu and brings him for this purpose, promising him the wealth which Thota Ramudu needs to marry the princess. Just before the prayers, Thota Ramudu finds out about the conspiracy of the sorcerer. Thota Ramudu out smarts the sorcerer and kills him. Thus Thota Ramudu gets an idol, the source of magical powers from the evil Goddess Pathala Bhairavi.

Thota Ramudu returns to Ujjayin, and planned to marry the princess Indumathi with all the wealth he gained with the help of the idol. Meanwhile, the disciple of the sorcerer helps the sorcerer to come back alive with the help of Sanjeevani, a magical plant.

Sorcerer with his tricks obtains the idol of the evil spirit and takes away the wealth of Thota Ramudu along with the princess.

Thota Ramudu, with his boldness and moral strength kills the sorcerer and brings the princess Indumathi back all together happily. Thota Ramudu learns and reveals to the world that goodness and morality are the true powers.

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